About Liquid Armour


It all started back in 2010 when we were looking for a “Airdry Rubber Coating” for a bird feeder.  Little did we know it would turn into this amazing empire.

So we found a “Removable, synthetic rubber coating”, which eventually became the next best thing for vehicle branding.  It took the Vehicle Branding Industry by storm and before we knew it, we were into “Vehicle Wrapping”.

But unfortunately this product, like many other, had its limitations and sales started to drop.  It was solvent based and not very safe to use.  A little spill of petrol or diesel completely ruined your coating.  It remained tacky and the Gloss coating was not up to scratch.  It was up to our brilliant product developer, to design a new “removable and safe spray on coating”.

The idea seemed easy.  We needed an environmentally friendly, removable, coating, but it needs to act similar to normal vehicle paint.  The solution was a water based coating.

We started developing in 2014, but the technology was just not there yet!  Water based Coatings were new to the market, not to mention removable ones.  But our developer pushed on and by late 2016, we had our first “ready to use” Liquid Armour Water based, Removable Coatings.

But we are not done yet.  We will continue to master this product and grow the range.



Liquid Armour H2O, is the only, water based, removable coating in the world currently.  It is much safer to use on your vehicle than Vinyl Wrap and also much easier.

Liquid Armour H2O is applied onto your vehicle, or any other surface for that matter, by use of a Spray Gun.  There are no Glues, heat guns or blades involved when using Liquid Armour.  It offers excellent protection against minor scratches, rust, stone-chips etc etc.

Liquid Armour is safe and easy to remove – if you ever want to.  It comes in a Massive variety of colours and you can choose between Matte or Gloss finishes.

Our Gloss coating is Sandable and Polishable and offers a high Gloss finish similar to Automotive paint.

So if it’s a custom look, protection or Branding on any item that you are looking for, you definitely have to use Liquid Armour H2O.